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    Pawn Stars Money Cheat
    Here's a simple method to get some quick cash on Pawn Stars.

    You'll need to have the back room in order for this to work. If you need help finding the back room of your pawn shop, read the following guide.

    Where Is The Back Room?

    Go to the back room of your pawn shop. click on the shop button.

    Locate the "Decorations" tab and then the "Walls" tab. Buy the Yellow Wallpaper for $50.

    The remodel item "Brick Wall" will now be available to sell for $37,500.

    Go back into the shop and go to the "Decorations" tab and then the "Floors" tab. Buy the Brown Carpet for $50. You now can sell the Concrete Floor for $2,500.

    You can also sell the Metal Shelf in the back room for $550.

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